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About Us.

Welcome to Hacienda Leon! 

We recently opened in Bloomington Illinois and are serving fresh, delicious Mexican dishes.

Our Resto.

We’re a family friendly restaurant and encourage bringing your young ones, friends, and relatives to enjoy our tasty food!

Hacienda Leon was started in November of 2017 and officially opened in June of 2018!

It is managed by proud owner, Martin Leon who was inspired from an early age to open a restaurant some day.

Martine was born and raised in Mexico and has had a lot of experience in the restaurant business. After moving to the United States, he decided to open his own restaurant. At Hacienda Leon, he does not just want to provide good food, but allow for customers to immerse themselves culturally through the food, art, and decor!

Free WiFi For Everyone

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Our Food Policy

All food-related products and beverages served and delivered to Hacienda Leon are thoroughly inspected and must pass all FDA protocols before being deemed worthy of preparation and eventual consumption.

Our Core Values

We value customer experience over anything! Hacienda Leon strives to create a comfortable and family friendly environment for any guest to enjoy our food. We invite any criticism or advise from our customers! 



Be a Part of Our Restaurant


We are always eager to accept new talent into our team!


If you’re looking for work and have experience catering and/or preparing food, sign up today!